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Assessing Customer Value To Drive Business Value

Achieve a Higher Business Value at Your Next Funding Round or Exit


Investors, Private Equity firms, and Corporate Development teams have become increasingly focused on customer value during the due diligence process. They are probing deeply when assessing technology companies and their findings have a direct impact on business valuations.  Companies that achieve the best results tend to plan well in advance of their next funding round or exit (even if they do not see it on the horizon).  


The focus of this workshop is to prepare you and your team to perform your own customer value assessment.  The half day event is limited to a small group and is facilitated by our Founder, Kelly Williams.  Kelly leads all of our customer value diligence engagements on both the buy and the sell side and has developed a deep understanding of strategies and tactics that drive higher valuation results.  As a former operator leading sales, service, and success teams in emerging tech companies, she also brings first hand experience and practical recommendations to the attendees. 


Companies that Should Participate

  • Technology software and service companies with a subscription or mixed revenue model

  • Planning to obtain additional funding or exit in the near or distant future

  • Interested in applying practical initiatives to leverage customers as drivers of business value


Individuals that Should Attend

  • Leaders in customer success, finance, and operations - the individual(s) responsible for retaining, growing, and monitoring customers and their value metrics

  • Founders that are just getting started and are interested in implementing best practices starting with the first customer


Benefits of Attending

Attendees to the workshop will develop an understanding of:

  • The customer value due diligence objectives and process from the investor perspective

  • The common valuation models in use and the role customer value plays

  • The data that will be assessed, what investors want to see, and tactical adjustment tips

  • The operational processes, tools, and people that will be assessed, what investors want to see, and tactical adjustment tips

  • The customer reference checks that will be done, what investors want to see, and tactical adjustment tips

  • An approach to executing an internal preliminary customer due diligence exercise


  • Price: $495 per attendee

  • Includes:  Workshop and one hour private advisory session to be held within one month of workshop


September 12, 2019

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