Value Creation Assessment Package

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Step 1

Assess Business from Buyer or Investor Perspective

Step 2


Assess Buyer or Investor Market Conditions

Step 3


Decipher Relevant Findings and Impact on Valuation

Step 4


Estimate Current Valuation Range

Step 5


Define Strategy to Achieve Optimal Results

Propelling Valuations Upward

There are many factors that go into calculating a formal valuation:  the business problem and the intellectual property that solves it, financial history, competitive landscape, size of the addressable market, operational efficiencies, quality of legal agreements, market conditions, and investor / buyer interest based on their specific objectives. 


Our Value Creation Assessment Package is designed to uncover the key factors influencing your current valuation and to define prioritized initiatives that will drive towards an optimum exit result.  


  • Assess Business from Buyer or Investor Perspective

    • Focusing on IP, Finance, and Market that are the highest level of interest to the potential investor / buyer​

  • Assess Buyer or Investor Market Conditions

    • Focusing on buyer / investor categories, the value your company brings to each them, and the current market conditions.    ​

  • Decipher Relevant Findings and Impact on Valuation

    • Uncovering the key characteristics that will impact value and why​

  • Estimate Current Valuation Range

    • Using the common valuation models (ARR*multiplier and EBITDA*multiplier) and the metrics that drive value up or down​

  • Define Strategy to Achieve Optimal Results

    • Prioritized for the business objectives and timeline​


  • Your company is prepared to go on the market or complete a funding round without disruption to your team or daily operations

  • Advisors and Bankers willing to represent your firm in the sale of your company.

  • Investors and buyers interested in your company

  • Prepared for unsolicited offers to buy your company 

  • Obtain a higher valuation and better deal terms during funding

  • Exit your company for a higher valuation

  • Increased return on invested capital

Notes and Scope Considerations

  • Package pricing is for companies under $20M in ARR or Revenue

  • Assessment will be based on information available at time of engagement

  • Valuation is a range based on findings with the purposes of assessing current strategies to improve overall results; it is not a replacement for a tax valuation

  • Companies out of scope for this package or interested in a unique project can contact us for discussion and a custom quote  


Week 1 - 2:  Collect Information and hold interviews 

Week 2 - 3:  Analyze data and decipher findings

Week 4:  Review report and discuss strategy and tactics

Week 5 - 12:  Weekly Connect Meetings


$5000 - $7500

(plus travel expenses if applicable)

Payment Options: 

One time payment or evenly split over three months.