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Startups and Early Growth Stage Companies

What Challenge Are You Facing?

  • You are just getting started and are unsure how to define your business strategy.

  • Your founder team is not in agreement as to the overall business strategy.

  • You are unsure how to go about getting funding for your company.

  • You have attempted to get funding but have been unable to secure any at your desired valuation or terms.

  • You want to learn about exit strategies, valuation models, value creation strategies, data collection to prove value, build your advisory board, get your team in line with the strategy, and put best practices in place for eventual due diligence. 

Start With The End In Sight

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Step 1

Define Your Philosophical Objectives

Step 2


Define Your Financial Objectives

Step 3


Develop Deep Understanding of Your Likely Valuation Model

Step 4


Assess Your Exit Paths

Step 5


Set a Timeline

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Services That Drive to a Focused Strategy,

Generate Investment Interest, and Increase Enterprise Value from Day 1


Retained coach / advisor to provide expertise during the launch and early growth stages

Defining Outcome Objectives

Incorporating valuation model components into strategy and tactics

Building data collection models and dashboards for monitoring progress

Building a pitch deck and finding investors


Setting up a data room and keeping it current

Building relationships with investors and partners

Focused Projects

Development of key tools to track progress, obtain funding, and stay on course.

Investors:  Prepare list of target investor (various types, investors that focus in your specific area, investment criteria, pitching process, contacts)

Valuation Dashboard:  Implement dashboard to monitor valuation metrics and impact on valuation

Diligence Prep:  Set up data room, collect all documents, assess from investor perspective

Pitch Deck:  Create funding pitch deck


Tools & Courses

Online Tools and Courses Covering Launch & Growth Topics

Download - Due Diligence Check List

Download - Valuation Models & Metrics

Course - Valuations & Estimator

Course - Launch With The Optimum Outcome In Sight

Course - Exit at the Optimum Value

Optimum Value Advisors

Independent Lens

Since we are not an investor we look at the situation from all angles without bias.

Our partnerships with intermediaries and ongoing research in value creation and exit planning brings an added depth of perspective to each engagement.

Relevant Experience

Significant operator experience in with subscription and mixed revenue pricing models.

Buy and Sell side M&A experience as an internal member of Corporate Development and as a consultant to companies at various sizes and maturity level.


Our focus is on small and middle market companies.

Our projects and pricing terms reflect timelines and cash flow realities of our clients.