Sell Side Services for

Small and Mid Market Companies

What Challenge Are You Facing?

  • The current valuation of your company is not at the target amount for the founders, the board, or the investors.


  • Your assessment of the company valuation is not in alignment with the value being estimated by outside parties.


  • You are unable to find interested investors or buyers at the desired valuation.


  • You are unable to retain an advisor/banker to represent you in the sale of your company. 


  •  Your investors, founders, or board are pushing for a return on their invested capital and you need to formulate a strategy.

The Solution - Value Creation Assessment

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Step 1

Assess Business from Buyer or Investor Perspective

Step 2


Assess Buyer or Investor Market Conditions

Step 3


Decipher Relevant Findings and Impact on Valuation

Step 4


Estimate Current Valuation Range

Step 5


Define Strategy to Achieve Optimal Results

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The Outcome

  • Your company is prepared to go on the market or complete a funding round without disruption to your team or daily operations.

  • Advisors and Bankers willing to represent your firm in the sale of your company.

  • Investors and buyers interested in your company.

  • Prepared for unsolicited offers to buy your company. 

  • Obtain a higher valuation and better deal terms during funding.

  • Exit your company for a higher valuation.​

  • Increased return on invested capital.

Optimum Value Advisors

Independent Lens

Since we are not an investor we look at the situation from all angles without bias.

Our partnerships with intermediaries and ongoing research in value creation and exit planning brings an added depth of perspective to each engagement.

Relevant Experience

Significant operator experience with subscription and mixed revenue pricing models.

Buy and Sell side M&A experience as an internal member of Corporate Development and as a consultant to companies at various sizes and maturity level.


Our focus is on small and middle market companies.

Our projects and pricing terms reflect timelines and cash flow realities of our clients.

Service Packages

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Valuation Dashboard 

Due Diligence Preparation

Pitch Decks for Funding and Exit

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