Diligence Customer Reference Package

Assessing the True Strength and Advocacy Potential of Target Company Customers

One final task in many due diligence processes is customer reference calls.  They are a critical step in validating the information provided in diligence and in determining the future post acquisition revenue potential. 


We take this responsibility for you and follow a streamlined process to get at the truly valuation information.    



  • Prepare a Call Script

  • Create list of customers to be interviewed (prepared by buyer / investor and consultant, not by the target company)

  • Request contact information for customers; assess quality of customer contacts (i.e. do they know the accounts requested)

  • Arrange and hold up to 25 reference calls

  • Give each account a post call health score, likelihood to renew, likelihood to expand, and likelihood to advocate 

  • Prepare detailed call transcriptions

  • Prepare summary themes

  • Prepare final assessment of overall customer base health, renewal strength, expansion ability, and advocacy willingness 


  • ​Time freed up to complete other critical tasks necessary before transaction closes

  • Expertise of former operator that has been through both the sell and buy side of diligence and has performed hundreds of reference calls in the past 

  • Thorough assessment of customer strength  

  • Anonymity with customers  

  • Recommendations to accelerate ROI post acquisitions  

Notes and Scope Considerations

  • Package pricing is for 25 reference calls (Typically up to 50 accounts are needed to get 25 calls in the desired time frame)

  • Reference calls will be scheduled for 30 minutes, with space to go additional 15 minutes if necessary 

  • Companies out of scope for this package or interested in a unique project can contact us for discussion and a custom quote  


While it is preferred to have up to three weeks to complete this engagement, it can be done in two.  


Given the very short lead time that is generally available, we make every effort to adjust schedules to participate in reference projects.  


$5000 - $7500

(plus travel expenses if applicable)