Exit Preparation and Trial Diligence Package

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Step 1

Review full diligence check list and best practices for diligence readiness

Step 2


Gather top priority artifacts, review for completeness, quality, and story it will tell buyer

Step 3


Assess findings and prepare recommendations

Step 4


Set up data room

Step 5


Define strategy and prioritized plan

Preparing Companies for a Smooth Exit

Due Diligence can be labor intensive, disruptive to the team, and impact the exit results.  Executing a smooth process can be one of the biggest challenges companies face when they seek additional funding or entertain an offer from a buyer. 


The list of items requested typically includes several hundred artifacts and can take a substantial amount of time to pull together.  Some of the information may be on hand and just needs to be added to a data room.  But lots of data generally must be pulled together or may not exist at all.   As a result, valuable time is spent on the task and team members that are assisting are unable to spend time on normal business activities.  Incomplete or poorly organized documents can lead to questions and uncertainty on the part of the investor or buyer, which could lead to a lower business value.  On the other hand, well organized information that has details to prove the value of the company can aid in a higher value and a smooth exit.   

The best way to get through due diligence easily is to perform a trial diligence well before planning to exit and then performing refreshes via a regular cadence.  Our Exit Preparation and Trial Diligence Package serves as a baseline that can be gradually improved upon over time.  



  • Review full diligence check list and best practices​​

  • Gather and review all top priority artifacts, checking for completeness, quality of data, and story the data will tell buyers / investors

  • Assess findings and prepare recommended initiatives to improve readiness and valuation results

  • Set up data room and load up what is ready for posting

  • Prepare strategy and review 


  • Prepared for unsolicited offers to buy your company

  • Prepared to launch a sales process when business and market conditions are at the peak selling point

  • Ability to back up your asking price with applicable and persuasive data

  • Minimize disruption to the team during the diligence process

Notes and Scope Considerations

  • Package pricing is for companies under $20M in ARR or Revenue

  • Assessment will be based on information available at time of engagement

  • Companies out of scope for this package or interested in a unique project can contact us for discussion and a custom quote


Day 1:  Diligence review

Week 1 - 2:  Data gathering

Week 3 - 4:  Assessment, data room setup, and planning

Week 5 - 12:  Weekly Connect Meetings


$2500 - $5000

(plus travel expenses if applicable)

Payment Options: 

One time payment or split over two months.