Insights Into Value Creation and Exit Trends for Technology Companies

Becoming an S Corporation

Consider Your Exit at the Beginning

Guest Contributor:  Valerie Moseley, CPA

A Brief Interview with Cynthia Figge

CEO and Co-Founder of CSRHub

The Stakes are Higher Now

A Brief Interview with Mary Curry

President and Founder of MANGO Math Group

Launching a Business During a Recession

A Brief Interview with Rob Griebel

President and Co-Founder of BlueZone Systems

Navigating a Startup Launch During a Pandemic

5 Tips From M&A Advisors

Insights from M&A Advisors on the best route to a successful exit.

Hint:  Demand, Proof, Relationships

Insights from Bill McAleer, Voyager Capital

Guidance on achieving a successful exit from the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Voyager Capital

Hint:  Value, Disruption, Execution

Insights from Corporate Strategic Investors

How to achieve a successful strategic exit and obtain an optimal valuation.

Hint:  Buzz, Alignment, and ROI.

What is the Impact of Churn on 

SaaS Valuation

Hint:  It has a compounding effect.

When Are Software Companies Exiting From an Age Perspective?

Hint:  It is much sooner than you may think.

Who is Buying Software Companies?

Hint:  The usual suspects are leading the way.

Short Videos on Valuation and Exit Preparation Topics

Are your customers ready for reference calls?  

Are Your Customers Ready for Due Diligence Reference Calls?

Building robust customer connections that will confirm your business value

Exiting your SaaS

business?  Ready?

Exiting Your SaaS Business in the Next 2 years?  Are You Ready? 

Assessing the levers that influence business value and making impactful course corrections

Do we need a Customer Success team yet?

No, your SaaS startup does not need a Customer Success team yet – but you do need to act now 

Simple tactics that accelerate stable revenue growth, keep costs down, and increase business value