Due Diligence Package

Assessing the Strength, Risk, and Potential ROI of Acquisitions and Investments

Due Diligence is a labor intensive activity and it generally has to be done in a rush!  Our goal is to take the lead on assessing the core diligence data pertaining to customer revenue.  



Gather data and perform due diligence for the following pillars:

  • Financial History​

    • Analyze Revenue, GM, Expenses and EBITDA historical trends 

    • Assess expenses that make up customer acquisition costs

    • Assess costs that reflect onboarding, ongoing service, and operations

    • Analyze receivables to confirm customer willingness to pay on time 

    • Assess potential costs and / or savings to the potential buyer 

  • Recurring Revenue Projections

    • Analyze current recurring revenue ($$ and count / averages and trends) by all measures provided (by Revenue Type, by tenure, by health score, by industry, by geography, by lifetime spend, by agreement terms, by customer, by distribution of revenue across customers, etc.)

    • Analyze lost recurring revenue ($$ and count / averages and trends) by all measures provided

    • Create a subscriber analysis report using provided data and compare to report provided by client

    • Assess likely health and potential to renew of existing customers based on data

    • Determine strength (data supports projections) and risk (diversified) of existing recurring revenue projections

    • Analyze forecasts and assess likelihood of future existing customer revenue projections 

  • New Sales Projections

    • Analyze historical sales ($$ and count / averages and trends) by all measures provided (new vs add on, by product, by revenue type, by industry, by geography, by term sold, by deal size, deal source)

    • Analyze sales forecast by all measures provided and compare to historical actual

    • Determine expansion potential of existing accounts 

    • Determine strength (data supports projections) and risk (diversification) of new sales projections

  • Customer Focused Operations

    • Analyze cost (resources and tools) to onboard and maintain customers

    • Analyze ease of transferring customer operations to a new business owner

  • Customer Agreements ​

    • Determine if agreements are in place for third party resellers and customers

    • Review agreements for risky and non standard terms

    • Review service agreements, confirm alignment with solution provided, risky terms do not exist, and adherence by company and by customers

Provide final report of findings focused on strengths, risks, post acquisition potential, and recommendations to improve results after investment or acquisition  


  • ​Time freed up to complete other critical tasks necessary before transaction closes

  • Expertise of former operator that has been through both the sell and buy side of diligence

  • In depth assessment of the quality of existing customer revenue streams

  • Recommendations to accelerate ROI post acquisitions  

Notes and Scope Considerations

  • Package pricing is for software companies under $20M in ARR or Revenue

  • Diligence will be based on information available at time of engagement

  • Companies out of scope for this package or interested in a unique project can contact us for discussion and a custom quote  


While it is preferred to have up to three weeks to complete this due diligence, it can be done in two if the data is made available quickly.  


Given the very short lead time that is generally available, we make every effort to adjust schedules to participate in diligence projects.  


$5000 - $7500

(plus travel expenses if applicable)