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Buy Side Services for

Corporate Strategic Investors,

Private Equity and Venture Capital

What Challenge Are You Facing?

  • Short on time:  to research target acquisitions / investments or to perform quality due diligence.

  • Short on expertise:  to appropriately qualify companies for possible investment or to accurately assess the strengths and risk of a potential acquisition.

  • Desire to operate confidentially:  to avoid alerting a buyer of your interest, to ensure staff members do not become unsettled, or to avoid alarming target company customers of likely M&A event. 

Optimum Value Advisors

Independent Lens

We look at the situation from all angles without bias.

Having been through diligence from the sell side we have unique insights into what to look for that may otherwise be missed.

Relevant Experience

Significant operator experience  with subscription and mixed revenue pricing models.

Buy and Sell side M&A experience as an internal member of Corporate Development and as a consultant to companies at various sizes and maturity level.


We are a boutique firm that can be available on short notice to assist in getting a transaction across the line.​

Simple pricing packages for core services to aid in predictable deal cost estimates

Service Packages

Customized Packages and Retainer Services Available