Target Acquisition Research Package

Finding and Evaluating Acquisitions Aligned with

Your Strategic and Financial Objectives

You likely have prospect companies and investment opportunities pitched to you on a daily basis.  Very few, if any, of these turn out to be aligned with your companies objectives.  As a result, you, or someone in your organization, spend a great deal of time doing the necessary research.


Our goal is do this work for you.  We develop a deep understanding of your criteria, find prospect companies, and do the pre-contact assessment of them on your behalf.    



  • Develop an understanding of your objectives and criteria

  • Identify one prospect company that is generally qualified to meet the target criteria, perform as much independent analysis as possible, share the results with you, then review / revise the criteria and process before moving forward

  • Complete this process for four additional companies 


  • Five qualified companies identified for possible acquisition or investment

  • Anonymity with the prospect companies until you are ready to open the relationship door

  • Exceptional value for the cost of service  

Notes and Scope Considerations

  • Up to 5 qualified target companies

  • Add On Agreements are available to provide more target companies over time


Day 1:  Review Criteria

Week 1:  First qualified prospect found and reviewed

Week 2 - 4:  Remaining four prospects found




(plus travel expenses if applicable)