Kelly Williams

Managing Partner

Optimum Value Advisors is a boutique consulting firm founded by Kelly Williams.  Kelly is currently a co-founder and the Interim CEO for an early stage startup, provides advisory services to various clients, and delivers online training through her academy.  

Here’s Kelly’s story in her words:

During my first term of college I took a course called “Intro to Computer Science”.  A few weeks in I managed to write the code to produce “Hello World” on the screen.  I was hooked!  And not long after that I developed my first elevator pitch that went something like “I want to use technology to solve business problems when I graduate”.  I was definitely focused, which did not help me get lots of dates, but I did land an awesome job right out of college.


Fast forward and I am grateful to say that my pitch turned into reality.  And much more.  After several years as a technology consultant I shifted to sales, and eventually into leadership roles.  When the subscription economy jumped into high gear I made a natural transition to customer success.  The common theme across all of these roles was the use of technology to solve business problems. Mission accomplished!  

The other common theme was the fast paced, exciting, and generally chaotic journey of startups, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO’s.  And I was on both sides of the equation.  I had the opportunity to assess, perform due diligence, and integrate several firms as a virtual member of corporate development.  And I also experienced the uncertainty of being acquired as well as going through an IPO.


The lessons I learned as an operator within these organizations were vast. Today, I leverage these lessons to lead my own businesses (see LinkedIn for more on them), and as an advisor to startups and to companies nearing their exit, I also research and write about trends in the space with “Optimum Insights”, periodically do speaking engagements in the Seattle area, and hold office hours with incubator and accelerator programs.  

Above all else I enjoy meeting people – new and long time connections.  This stage of my career has brought me the flexibility to get out, go for coffee meetings, attend events, and engage in our community.  I’m grateful to be on the journey with so many fantastic people.   

Kelly grew up in Oregon and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Computer Science from Oregon State University.  She later received her Master’s in Finance and Management from the University of Colorado.  She currently lives in the Seattle area where she is an avid hiker and a dedicated college football fan. 

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